Neighbourhood Plan – latest

As we reported several months ago, the proposed Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan now has significant weight in planning decisions. And now another important stage is about to be reached.

Alongside the next set of local elections, the Neighbourhood Plan referendum will also take place on the 6th May and residents will be asked to either vote “Yes” or “No” to it.

An overall vote of “No” would mean that the Plan will not come into legal force while a majority “Yes” vote would give it full legal status and inform local Planning decisions for years to come. All the details of the proposed Plan can be found on the dedicated website

The Steering Group, comprised of local representatives from across the area, have produced the Plan and they are happy to answer any questions you may have – email: or write to: Parish Clerk, Salmons, Salmons Lane, Whyteleafe, Surrey CR3 0HB