Sleeves Rolled Up and Raring to Go

First may we thank all those residents of Whyteleafe for taking the time to vote in the May 6th elections.

As a result of your votes, we now have a new Village Council team as follows.

  1. Sakina Bradbury – Conservative.
  2. Deano Cline – Whyteleafe Community Hub.
  3. June Henty – Whyteleafe Community Hub.
  4. Marcus Jones – Whyteleafe Community Hub.
  5. Zach Jones – Whyteleafe Community Hub.
  6. David Lee – Liberal Democrat.
  7. John Moffatt – Liberal Democrat.

The team of Councillors attended their first meeting at St. Luke’s Church Hall on 17th May. Celia Rudland, the previous Chair of the Village Council presided over the unanimous election of Marcus Jones as the new Chairman. She handed over chairmanship to him and after offering her thanks to the Clerk, Simon Bold, for his guidance, dedication, and hard work, withdrew from the meeting.

The Council went on to unanimously elect Deano Cline as the new Vice-Chairman.

Marcus Jones welcomed all the members of the new Council and explained that The Whyteleafe Community Hub, a group of local volunteers, is not a political party, and are therefore looking forward to working closely with all the new councillors regardless of their political allegiances, to create a unified synergistic team for the benefit of Whyteleafe and its residents

The new team will communicate effectively with the community and work diligently to make Whyteleafe a safe, caring, and exciting place to live and raise a family.

As a priority the new Village Council will review the previous business plan to identify actions that are still in progress and identify further items to create a new business plan for the next four years. Actions for prioritised items will commence immediately for speedy delivery.

Together the Whyteleafe Community Hub and the Village Council members will explore opportunities to progress the Council’s priorities along with a strong and dedicated volunteer force.

Marcus Jones congratulated Jeffrey Gray (Liberal Democrat) on his election to Surrey County Council and David Lee (Liberal Democrat) who in addition to being a Whyteleafe Village Councillor, has been elected to Tandridge District Council.

We are looking forward to close contact with our residents, so please get in touch with any of Councillors or the Council’s Clerk. You are also free to attend the next Village Council meeting – you will be most welcome.

Marcus Jones

Chairman, Whyteleafe Village Council